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It is a serious problem; however, it is a problem that can be solved.

Join us in declaring our schools, playgrounds, and wherever kidz are a No Bullying Zone


Together we can put an end to bullying,

The Bullying Stops Here!


To have Kidz Kingdom and our fun-loving mascot King Kumba come speak to your group or event in the Tampa Bay area, please contact us at 813.358.7756 or click on link to web page to learn more.

Kidz Kingdom has developed a one-hour program for Kidz ages 6-12 that addresses bullying head on and is informative, engaging, and fun.

WE EMPOWER KIDZ – With the knowledge and understanding about

the effects of bullying


        WE EQUIP KIDZ   – With the tools to recognize bullying in various                                               forms and the steps they can take to stand against it



WE TEACH KIDZ  – Self-worth, Compassion, and Accountability

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