It is a serious problem; however, it is a problem that can be solved.

Join us in declaring our schools, playgrounds, and wherever kidz are a No Bullying Zone


Together we can put an end to bullying,

The Bullying Stops Here!


To have Kidz Kingdom and our fun-loving mascot King Kumba come speak to your group or event in the Tampa Bay area, please contact us at 813-728-0343.

Kidz Kingdom has developed a one-hour program for Kidz ages 6-12 that addresses bullying head on and is informative, engaging, and fun.

WE EMPOWER KIDZ – With the knowledge and understanding about

the effects of bullying


        WE EQUIP KIDZ   – With the tools to recognize bullying in various                                               forms and the steps they can take to stand against it



WE TEACH KIDZ  – Self-worth, Compassion, and Accountability

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Call us: 813.358.7756

Our Location: 

10602 Fairfield Village Dr 

Tampa FL 33624

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